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Egan Stables and YMCA of Southwest Michigan

Horseback Riding Lessons 
Egan Stables partnerships with the YMCA of Southwest Michigan to offer horseback riding lessons for your child! Seven week sessions are available for spring and winter, 4-day summer camps are offered June, July, & August. Children will become comfortable around their horse, learn how to care for it and the tack and equipment used for riding. NOTE: Please wear jeans or riding pants. Riding boots with a heel are required.
Questions? Call Egan Stables at (574) 386-8534 for details.
7 weekly 1-hour lessons (YMCA member and non-member) or summer camp. 
Sessions available Fall, Winter, and Spring. 
Wednesdays 4:30–5:30 PM (homeschool) or 5:30–6:30 PM (YMCA members)
Horseback Riding Summer Camps 
Long pants and boots with a heel are required. 
Questions? Call Egan Stables at (574) 386-8534 for details.
Camps run Monday-Thursday from 9am - 12 pm.
2024 Horseback Riding Camps 
June 17-20
June 24-27
July 29-August 1
Horseback Riding Homeschool Fitness Program
YMCA youth fitness classes provide more than just physical activity. Your child will gain life-long healthy habits, discover talents, and build lasting friendships! Both branches offer an array of classes and programs for homeschool children
If you are in a partnership:
Enroll in your desired program through the partnership’s website, then visit the YMCA branch to register for your program. Registry is required for both.
If you are not in a partnership: 
Simply visit your preferred YMCA branch to sign up! Visit the YMCA homeschool programs page for more information.
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